Friday, May 24, 2013

9 Dope Albums For 9 Fitting Weather Forecasts


     Ever notice how extremely contemplative and introspective a lightening storm can make you, or is that just me? In recent years, I’ve begun to notice how heavily my moods are triggered by the weather outside, or even the time of day. Unlike most people I know, I wear these moods on my sleeve, to the extent that I am often confronted by others about my so called “sad” disposition {the nerve of people to call me on my shit, right?…}. As the weather here in New England seems to be getting more and more bipolar this month, I can’t help but keep my moods from fluctuating so rapidly. In light of this, I find myself searching for some ear candy that fits each of these moods, which gives me a shit ton of options.

     So, since the forecast is complicated enough up here, allow me to bring some definitive clarity this whole speel. Below, I attempted to link up some select albums from last year I feel match specific forms of weather. Yep. I’m that bored, chief. But, hey, this could be fun, right? Let’s dive in:



Album: "Young & Old"
Artist: Tennis
Forecast: SUNNY
     The beachy album by surfer pop duo Tennis feels perfect to spin with your top down. Sun rays, waves and good times tend to present themselves on days that resemble summer, and that’s just what “Young & Old” sounds like. Summer. A beachy, upbeat product that matches the sunny day, Cali vibe to a tee.



Album: "New Horizons"
Artist: Flyleaf
Forecast: FAIR
     The final Flyleaf album with poster child Lacey Sturm, “New Horizons” delves into emotional territory, something the group is just plain good at doing. Appropriately, given the warmth of Lacey’s send off, it’s only right that I bump this joint on a fair day. I do understand a lot of people felt cheated by her departure, but to a long term fan like me, as a whole, it was just right. Warm… Fair…



Album: "The Idler Wheel Is Wiser…"
Artist: Fiona Apple
Forecast: RAIN
     The heart breaking realities of inner turmoil and personal struggle have never been told so unconventionally intriguing. Fun fact! Each time it rains, I automatically feel like spinning “The Idler Wheel Is Wiser…”. Must be my nostalgia from hearing it during Hurricane Sandy last year… Whatever it may be, the very melancholy style of this album as well as it’s heavy pianos compliment a rainy day well.



Album: "Gone"
Artist: Vacationer
     Vacationer probably went into the studio trying to craft one of the most sunny albums they could imagine, but, even though popular belief may even side with that, I find this album still has this partially bleak, cloudy feeling. Don’t get me wrong. Personally, I loved this thing. But think sound wise, with it’s indie/experimental approach, I see only a slight bit of sunshine filtering through some very deep and layered clouds. Even the album cover kinda shows a sunny day filtered by a smokey film. Come on, son.



Album: “Control System”
Artist: Ab-Soul
Forecast: CLOUDY
     Clouds can make or break your mood. Often times, when the sun is no longer present, and thick gray clouds take its place, shit gets real. You are left alone with your thoughts, and you start to think… Enter “Control System”. It may not be Ab-Soul’s most fleshed out project, yet, the ideas scattered among this thing come together to form what feels like a train of deep thought. The perfect soundtrack for a contemplative and cloudy day.



Album: "Cruel Summer"
Artist: GOOD Music
Forecast: CHILLY
     When you think about excess, you think about the flashiest players in the game. It’s evident that Kanye West and his GOOD Music army had no problem proving they were some of the flashiest of the bunch with “Cruel Summer”, a compilation that lyrically focuses on flash over substance. Despite the word “summer” sitting pretty in the album title, I’m calling for a slight… No. STRONG chill. All that ice?! Both of those chainz?! Summer has been quite cruel, hasn’t it?



Album: "Kaleidoscope Dream"
Artist: Miguel
     I can’t shake the feeling that Miguel created something really atmospheric with “Kaleidoscope Dream” last year, an album that’s breezy production and vocal stylings float through the air with a force. Much like a windy day, this album has a tendency to move whatever crosses its path, and fighting against that force is a futile effort.



Album: "Cancer 4 Cure"
Artist: El-P
Forecast: FOG
     In a post apocalyptic world, loaded with fog, El-P’s “Cancer 4 Cure” is the soundtrack to your triumph against evil, or your meeting with doom! Whenever fog starts to build outside of your home, spin this gritty, futuristic album and tell me the mood has not been set. By combining some muddy synth and misty sound effects, the production alone is a soundscape custom fit for a fog filled walk in the dead of night.



Album: "Sucré"
Artist: Sucré
Forecast: SNOW
     There are a lot of albums that capture the season of winter well. Sucré’s eponymous 2012 release is no exception. The side project of Eisley vocalist, Stacy King, is filled with a flurry of shimmering piano melodies, chilling string swag and angelic vocals. All of these things feel very “wintery” as a concoction. Scarves might be required.

     So, the next time you find yourself mood swinging during fits of weather changes {so tomorrow, if you are a New Englander}, try finding an album.that best suits your mood. If it’s a shitty forecast, you’ll thank yourself for finding a way to cope, right?

With rainy day love,
     - De` Von

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